Why have a Medtags Card

Seconds count when medical treatment is needed. In an emergency you may not be able to speak and give vital information or alert others about your special health needs. Medical providers must sometimes treat emergency patients without having  medical information about the individual or a way to contact someone who could provide vital information.  With our Medtags Card they won’t have to guess.

In emergency situations a MEDtags card could prove to be very valuable to first responders or other medical personnel providing treatment.


The Medtags Card is durable and will not break down, fade, or smear and since the writing is printed the information will be READABLE in the event of an emergency. Cards are made using the latest technology materials and imprinting methods.

The Medtags Card could save your life or save the life of someone you love by providing accurate information to Health Care Professionals quickly and easily.

Doctors, nurses, EMT, paramedics and other Medical Personnel can help you or your loved one quickly and easily when you carry a Medtags Card in your wallet or purse.

The Medtags Card is packed full with important information that Medical Personnel need to know immediately. Personal & Emergency Contacts, your Allergies. Current Medications, Medical conditions, Blood type, Physician Information

Companies or Businesses with employees.

The Medtags card is excellent for companies employees. Not everyone knows that a fellow employee, management team or owner may have a medical condition.

Our card will provide the information needed if they are not be able to speak and give vital information to alert others about their special health needs.

Not all businesses have first responders employed. Medtags will provide the information needed in the event EMT’s are called.

This is a small investment made on behalf of employees and shows employees their employer does care about them.

This service can be done online, on location or with the consent of the employee, the employer may collect the information , a photo of the employee and send to Digital Synergy.

We can use a design you may have or design the card for the companies or businesses.

Seconds count when medical treatment is needed. This card will help provide proper treatment and save lives.

Should you have multiple people you want a Medtags Card for call 217-766-8408 or email info@medtagcards.com